Academic Support Services for Students with Learning Differences and Disabilities

We acknowledge each student as unique in his or her learning, means of processing information, problem solving approaches, and ability to use information. We also believe each student has the right to experience academic success through hard work. We empower students to become independent learners and self-advocates with their peers, in the classroom, and in their everyday life.

We do recognize that students may have disabilities in learning, emotional, physical or other heath related areas. For those students admitted with a documented disability (Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), 504 Plan or private school plan, completed within the last year, or a neurological or psychology evaluation completed within the last 3 years), The Prout School offers an Academic Support Service that provides students with basic strategies, academic skills and the knowledge necessary for them to realize their full potential.  Our inclusive community recognizes the additional challenges many of these students face. 

Our school is designed for students who are capable of completing a four year college preparatory curriculum.  As IEP’s and 504 plans are under the jurisdiction of public schools, The Prout School, as a private school, is not legally required to implement them nor does the school agree to alter and/or modify its curriculum to accommodate the specific needs of individual students.  

We do offer reasonable accommodations dependent on resources and personnel to assist students with learning differences and disabilities in their day to day classes. 

Accommodations students receive are determined on a case by case basis and MAY include the following:

  • Additional time on major tests or exams (up to time and ½). 
  • Distraction free testing environment on major tests or exams.
  • Preferential seating
  • Refocusing cues to gain or sustain attention
For more information, please contact Mallory Lepere, Director of Academic Support, at (401) 789-9262 ext. 533.

Prout also offers:

  • The Freshman Bridge Program to help freshman acclimate to the high school experience. Held as summer workshops and returns as an after-school program in the second quarter of the academic year.
  • Math Ninjas are peer tutors, supervised by math teachers, who provide support to students every Tuesday and Thursday after school.
  • Teachers always willing to provide extra help to students in need before or after school!