Academics at Prout

The Prout School is a college-preparatory school with a curriculum designed to challenge all students and to prepare them for college-level work.

Students are encouraged to discuss programs and plans for the future with parents, teachers and a guidance counselor. Above all, each student is urged to work to the best of his or her ability. Faculty and administration are ready to assist in the development of each student’s future potential for college readiness.

Click here to see the Prout School Program of Studies (Course Descriptions) for 2017-2018. 

The Prout Writing Initiative

According to university research studies, proficiency in writing is statistically the best single predictor of academic success in the first year of college.

In our continued efforts to provide our students with the academic skills necessary for extraordinary success in high school, college, and the work force, we have established an after school writing workshop. Students will have the opportunity to receive mentoring in all forms of writing: lab reports, analytical essay writing, reader responses, research papers, even the ACT/SAT essays.  Facilitators are Mary Hoyt, Director of College and Career Counseling, and Mallory Lepre, Director of Academic Support.

The sessions will be held every Wednesday, starting September 7th (with the exception of September 21st), beginning at 2:35pm, in Classroom 530. Students are welcome to come each week to learn general instructional strategies for effective writing. Alternately, they could stop in with a particular class writing assignment when needed.

Our hope is that students of all grades and academic levels take advantage of this opportunity. Please feel free to contact Mary Hoyt at (401) 789-9262 ext. 530 or at with any questions concerning the program.