Profile: Class of 2019

We are proud of our 2019 graduates! The Prout School graduated 95 seniors at Prout’s 51st Graduation Ceremony on Tuesday, June 11 at The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Providence. 

Ninety-nine percent of the Class of 2019 will attend college in the fall. Click here for a list of colleges at which our graduates were accepted. 

Many of our seniors took both International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) classes and twelve are candidates for the full IB diploma: 

  • Pilar Beccar-Varella 
  • Elizabeth Duffy
  • Jessica Marasco 
  • Isabella Bianco
  • Charles Harper
  • Wesley Rea
  • Catherine Brownell
  • Claire Jalbert
  • Katrina Straub
  • William Conforti
  • Calum Lehrach
  • Gregory Violet

Seventy-six seniors are IB certificate candidates. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is recognized and respected by the world's leading universities. Prout is the only high school in Rhode Island to offer the opportunity to participate in the International Baccalaureate program.

First in class was Gregory Violet; Greg also delivered the farewell address. Second in class was Delia Carlino. The welcome address was delivered by Sarabeth McClain.

Zachary Chofay
 was the recipient of the Crusader Award.

Isabella Bianco was the recipient of the Elizabeth Prout Award.

Five of our graduates are “legacy” students -- sons and daughters of Prout alumni:

  • Bella Bianco and her mother Joy Sivo Bianco '87
  • Maddy Walsh and her mother Robin Steele Walsh '91
  • Sarabeth McClain and her mother Catherine Moore McClain '81
  • Tim Joyce and his mother Kathleen Welch Joyce '79
  • Kate Brouillette and her mother Brooke Tallman Brouillette '88

  • Collectively, Prout seniors have been offered more than $14,496,712 in scholarship money over a four-year period. 
    Ms. Mary Hoyt, Director of our College & Career Counseling Center, has more than 42 years of experience working with Prout seniors and their families to find the best possible college fit.

First in Class Greg Violet and Second in Class Delia Carlino

Our Graduates

Sarah Anne Abatiello +*^
Isabella Emma Abilheira +*^
Lauren Denise Anhalt +*^
Samantha M. Aubin +*^
Pilar Beccar-Varela +*#^
Harrison G. Bell *
Antonio M. Beltran, Jr.
Isabella Marie Bianco +*#^
Benjamin M. Bilotti +*^
Keegan B. Bradley +*^
Grace M. Brogno +*^
Emily Ray Brooks *^
Kate Brouillette +*^
Catherine Brownell +*#^
Grace Catherine Caldarone +*
Payton Elizabeth Canavan +*^
Terrence A. Carbon
Delia Anne Carlino +*^
Warner H. Casey *
Michael A. Castelli
Xiaodi Chen ^
Zachary A. Chofay +*^
William J. Conforti +*#^
Jacob T. Conley *^
Courtney E. Cunningham
William G. Curran *^
Brooke Daigle +*^
Andrew D. Donnelly *^
Adelaide T. Douglas +*^
John T. Dowd ^
Elizabeth S. Duffy +*#^
Andrew A. Ferreira^
Julia L. Frenze *^
Natalie I. Fuerst +*^