Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to ensuring the success of Prout’s students. Most faculty members have advanced degrees in their field and many have been teaching for more than 15 years. This experience and commitment guarantees that all Prout students get the quality education and attention they deserve.


David J. Estes, Head of School
Carolyn Spratt Lawrence, Assistant Principal
Jeanne Tierney, Dean of Students

Administrative Support

Patty Horoho
Lisa DeVito


Sharon DeLuca, Director of Admissions & Enrollment Management

Athletic Department

Mike Traficante, Athletic Director

College & Career Counseling Center

Mary Hoyt, Director 
Eddie DeCesare, Administrative Assistant

Finance & Facilities Department

Donna R. Nardone, Director
Jeanne Deus
Rolando Feliz

Guidance Department
Mary Hoyt, Interim Director
Linda Price
Mallory Lepere, Student Service Coordinator
John Gaffney

Office of Institutional Advancement
Nicole Kelly, MBA, Director
Rose Slusarczyk, Associate

English Department

Nikki Kettle, Department Chair  
Mary Hoyt 
Cathy Shackleton
Eric Hartell
Brian Gould

Foreign Language Department

Jennifer Trevisiol, Department Chair
Josefa Guzmán Dougal
James Larson
Haley Perkins

Math Department

Kendra Pitkin

Christopher Bromley
Kim Steere
Donna Balcezak

Physical Education Department

Ria Carroll
Ron Renzi

Religion Department

Michel R. Frappier, Department Chair
Fr. Joseph R. Upton, Chaplain
Marie Lachapelle
Cynthia Cavanagh 
Philip Faraone
Lily A. Araujo, Director of Campus Ministries

Science Department

Lynn Simeoni, Ph.D., Department Chair
John Gaffney
Hanan Mogawer, Ph.D.
Christopher Bromley  
Sue Paquette
Diana McLaughlin

Social Studies Department

Karen Johnson, Department Chair
William Tyson Edmonds
Michael LaBarbera
Michael Sweeney

Visual and Performing Arts Department

Michael Elson, Department Chair  
Philip Faraone, Music Director
Vivian K. Humphrey, Theater Director
Kristen Rich, Ceramics/Art Teacher
Kathleen Gordon Smith, Dance & Yoga Instructor

Denise Peloquin-Burns, Library, Media & Technology Specialist