Graduation Requirements

Prout students must successfully pass at least 24 credits to earn a Prout diploma. The following units must be completed in each subject area.

  • Religion: 4 Credits
  • English: 4 Credits
  • Physical Education/Health: 2 Credits
  • Mathematics: 3 Credits
  • Science: 3 Credits
  • Social Studies: 3 Credits
  • Foreign Language: 3 Credits
  • Arts: 1/2 Credit
  • Electives: 5.5 Credits
  • Christian Service: 20 Hours per year
In addition to passing these courses listed above, students must pass a sufficient number of elective courses to accumulate a minimum of 24 credits.

Please note: Students are required to be enrolled in a course during every period.

The Administration reserves the right to withdraw a course offering because of insufficient student enrollment.

All requests to add, drop or change a course must be made within the first (5) days of the academic semester.

Wanting a different teacher, not liking a class, wanting to be with friends or a different period are not legitimate reasons for a class change.

In all course selections, the Principal will have final approval.