Visit Prout

Be a Crusader for a Day! Student Shadow Days are available! Register through the on-line application module.

Shadow days allow prospective students the opportunity to experience a "real" school day here at Prout. Shadows will be connected with a freshman student who shares similar interests that they will follow through out the school day. Students may bring a lunch, or Prout will provide a lunch from our cafeteria for students who are visiting. 

To set up a shadow visit, or apply on-line, click here for more information. You do not have to fill out the application to set up a Shadow visit. 

If you want to arrange a tour of The Prout School, please contact Admissions at (401) 789-9262, Ext 514. Tours include the library iMac lab, fitness room, lab classrooms, auditorium, lunch rooms, our beautiful 25 acre campus and athletic facilities.

Contact & Directions