Upcoming Performances


Two One- Act Comedies: February 1 & 2

Save the date for two one-act comedies that address the modern universal human condition -- anxiety!

This is a Test 
As the ticking clock reminds you, only 60 minutes remain to complete this oh-so-important predictor of your future. But you didn't get the review sheets, the teacher doesn't like you and your classmates are blatantly cheating. Time passes and the voices in your head remind you that, though you are having trouble with the test, your personal life is far, far worse. Then you reach the essay question. The good news - it's an opinion essay. The bad news - it's in Chinese! And things aren't going to get better!

The Chronicles of Jane, Book 7
Jane assembles her friends and followers so that she can retell the story of one of the greatest challenges in her heroic career - the dreaded tale of The Term Paper. Can she defeat teachers, time, procrastination, and her evil brother Stewart and finish her term paper? Of course she can, for she is...Jane!

Tickets for the two one-act comedies will be sold at the door. $8/students and seniors. $10/adults.