Athletics at Prout

The goal of athletics at The Prout School is to lead young men and women to the realization that true growth and fulfillment are achieved in the struggle for success.

At Prout, 61% of our students participate in interscholastic athletics, and many of our students are multi-sport athletes. 

The development of self-discipline and dedication, both mental and physical, and the ideal of serving others, especially one’s teammates, are the themes emphasized in the growth to maturity. It is The Prout School’s belief that athletic competition is both a tremendous source of enjoyment and recreation, as well as an excellent way to reach young people and help them prosper.

The goals and purpose of Prout School’s athletic programs can best be explained by "The Five W's of Interscholastic Athletics":

  • Who? We are educational athletics, not big time event promoters.
  • What? We are the builders of tomorrow’s community leaders, not a “farm system” for college or professional teams.
  • When? We are an after school activity, not a year-round endeavor. Our program allows kids to be kids.
  • Where? Our games are played locally.  There is plenty of healthy competition where kids can learn and grow through athletics. We do not need national schedules to accomplish our purposes.
  • Why? Because it is the right way to do it!  Schools offer these programs because they enhance the educational experience of the young people who participate.