Prout's Response to COVID-19

These are trying times for all of us, but the Prout community will remain strong and connected through the grace of God. This page is a resource for the school's response to the changing conditions due to COVID-19.


While we are not in the building, The Prout School will communicate with our families, alumni and other constituencies via Constant Contact, as well as via our established social media outlets, Facebook, Facebook Alumni, Instagram, and Twitter. Individual clubs, classes and athletic teams also have individual social media outlets. If you are not receiving daily emails from Constant Contact, please check your spam/junk filters first. If you are still having difficulty, or if you would like to be added to the daily email distribution list, contact

Prout at Home

Prout at Home - School Calendar

We are grateful to our faculty, staff and families for a successful launch of Prout at Home, our distance learning initiative, on Wednesday, March 18. Per Governor Raimondo, distance learning will continue through - at least - the end of April. 

Move to Google Classroom (Updated: April 6, 2020)
In order to improve our Prout at Home efforts, our teachers will be moving their classes to Google Classroom. This step is done in order to improve interactions with our students and assist students with simplifying how they keep track of and turn in their assignments.  Teachers will now be posting their work primarily through their Google Classroom pages.  That said, Plus Portals will remain the official grade book for each student where guidance counselors and families can track their progress. 

Additionally, Mr. Renzi is using Google Classroom as a means for each grade level to share information and to engage in additional community activities.  If your son or daughter has not signed up for their grade level page, please have them do so. 

Some reminders:

  • Your teachers will be online throughout each designated class period. At some times, teachers may host a group chat, at other times they may post an assignment and be available for individual emailed questions.
  • Students must check in with your teachers during each scheduled class time. Teachers will be taking attendance.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please communicate directly with your teacher or guidance counselor via email.
  • Grading: Your student will at minimum be given one grade per class/per week of Prout at Home time. This grade will be registered on Plus Portals.
  • Study periods: You do not have to report in for your study period, but you may want to set up to “meet” with your guidance counselor or Ms. Lepere for support at this time.
  • Continuity of student academic and guidance support: Guidance counselors (and other support team members) will be available on Fridays via email and/or videoconferencing. While guidance counselors (and teachers) will be available other times, we want to ensure there is a set time for them to connect with you as needed.
  • Student absences: The same standards and procedures for student absences will apply to Prout at Home days. Parents should call in absences between 9:00 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. and state the reason for the absence. Our phone number is (401) 789-9262. For Prout at Home purposes, this absence signifies that your child is too sick to be online OR that they are unable to log-in for another reason (e.g. family need, doctor appointment, technology issue). As a back-up, you may also email attendance. Teachers will explain their method for checking attendance for each class session with their students.
  • Missing assessments/missing books: Our teachers are expected to make accommodations if your student left behind any books or other needed materials at school. Also, if your student needed to make up a test, the teacher will decide on an alternate assessment or a make-up date upon return to school.
  • For IB students: (Updated 3/31/20) The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) has informed us that in place of tests, each student will have the opportunity to gain their certificates/diplomas through a combination of external scoring of Interim Assessments (IAs), predicted grades from Prout instructors and the submission of other specified performance expectations such as IB oral exams for English Language. The IBO has not finalized its new fee structure, though we expect that information soon. Once that information has been received, we will inform families of our plans regarding fees. Furthermore, we will inform all students about any new procedures regarding submissions of any work. Mr. Bromley is working with each teacher for the appropriate next steps. Students and families may reach out to Mr. Bromley with any questions at this time. Click here for more information from the IBO.  

Important Dates 

Tentative 2020-2021 Academic Calendar


Click here for the latest from RIIL. Follow RIIL's decisions via their website and social media. Please contact Duane Maranda or Kelly Moniz, our co-athletic directors, with any questions specific to Prout athletics. Also, follow Prout Athletics on Twitter: @Prout_Athletics. 

Prout's Virtual Library

The Prout School library is now available through Google Classroom. School librarian Sarah Boehm will be providing assistance to students who need help finding resources at home. Students can also participate in fun activities, such as library bingo and book discussions. All students are welcome.

To access the new library page follow these instructions:
Login to Google Classroom.
On the home screen click the “+” sign, and select “join a class.” 
Enter in the library’s class code (email Ms. Boehm for the code)
Click join.