Christian Service

Every student is required to complete 20 hours of Christian Service by the end of the 3rd Quarter (specific date is in the student handbook).

The mandatory completion of these 20 hours will account for 10 points of each student's 3rd Quarter grade in Theology class. If a student does not complete the total number of hours required, their 3rd Quarter grade will drop by 10 points. No partial credit will be given.

An assignment requiring student reflection on their service will be assigned in each Theology class at the teacher’s discretion. Hours completed over this past summer may count towards students’ hours for this school year.

Christian Service forms can be found on the Prout School website. In addition, forms can be found in Campus Ministry. All students should use the school form. If a student has a letter of verification or other evidence of service, please staple it to a completed form.

In order to be considered Christian Service, the service must meet the following criteria:

  • Your actions must be of service to another.
  • You should not be paid for this service.
  • Your service should challenge you and be outside of your typical routine.
  • Your service should address some aspect of Catholic Social Teaching.
  • Your service should be verified via signature by some supervisor, preferably not a parent, if possible.

After completing an act of service, students should be able to answer most of these questions in a reflection assignment:

  • Who was served by my actions?
  • What did I learn through this service (About myself? About the people I served? About service itself?)
  • What did I learn about my faith and God through this service?

Our Christian Service Hours policy is based on Catholic Social Teaching. As a Catholic school, we strongly believe in our responsibility to serve others. We hope that through these hours, our students will learn to be men and women for others who live out the teachings of the Gospels in their daily actions, words, and deeds.