School Cancellations

Because our students come from a range of towns and communities, The Prout School is not able to control all the busing situations that could impact our opening in the event of inclement weather.

We do, however, contract with Grey Goose bus service so that they will run if we remain open. In the event of inclement weather, Prout follows South Kingstown decisions regarding closures, late starts, and early dismissals.  It’s important to note that these decisions sometimes are not synchronized with decisions by other districts who bus students to Prout.

Parents should follow the transportation decisions of their districts.  If a transporting district is closed when Prout is open, students from that district are considered excused-absent for the day.  If a transporting district opens later than Prout,  students from that district are considered excused-tardy when their bus arrives; parents need not leave their students at the bus stop at the regular time when the transporting district opens later than does Prout.  Students who drive should also follow the transportation decisions of their districts with regard to closure and delayed starts.

In the event of early dismissals, students who drive will be dismissed when the buses from their districts arrive at Prout, unless conditions at Prout impede safe driving or drivers are from the islands.  In the latter case, parents from Jamestown and Aquidneck islands may request that students be released earlier than the arrival of district busses if they are concerned about the driving conditions of the bridges.  In that event, Prout will consult with RIDOT to determine whether safe driving conditions exist.  When they do, the students will be dismissed by car; when they do not, students will be released to travel by bus.

Should stormy weather begin during the school day, necessitating the canceling of school activities, we will make every attempt to announce the cancellation before lunch.  This will give students enough time to notify their parents.  We do not recommend that you allow your child to drive to school on days of threatening weather. All students who come to school on buses must return home on buses, unless parents pick them up. Parents are advised to not allow students to drive on days when ice or snow may result in treacherous driving. Should an unforeseen storm occur, students will not be allowed to call home to get permission to drive home early. Parents must initiate the process by calling the school.

In a dangerous inclement weather situation, The Prout School does not expect that a student attend school.  In the event your town or community is undergoing dangerous weather, please keep your child home. We leave this final determination up to the parents.  

Every effort will be made to place a school cancellation or delayed opening notice on the school phone answering system, and to also send “List Serv” and “SchoolReach” email notices.  If possible, the school website will also carry this information. The service provided by “RI Broadcasters,” however, allows us to email closing and emergency information to them for immediate distribution to all major television and radio stations.  All these methods help to assure that our message will get through in a timely way.  The absence of any message means that school will open as usual, and our Prout buses will not be delayed. 

The following stations receive school closing information from RI Broadcasters Association:

Participating Members:

TV Stations FM Dial AM Dial
  • CW28 
  • RI PBS / Channel 36
  • 92.3 WPRO
  • 93.3 WSNE
  • 94.1 WHJY
  • 95.5 WBRU
  • 98.1 WCTK
  • 99.7 WSKO
  • 100.3 WKKB
  • 101.5 WWBB
  • 102.7 JAZZ 
  • 105.1 WWLI
  • 106.3 WWKX
  • 1450 WLKW
  • 1590 WARV
  • 630 WPRO
  • 790 WSKO
  • 920 WHJJ
  • 1110 WPMZ
  • 1180 WCNX
  • 1240 WOON
  • 1290 WRNI
  • 1540 WADK
  • 1590 WARV